HSER 1106



Spring - 2012





OFFICE HOURS: M = 3-4pm, T = 10-11am, W = 11-Noon, TH = 10-11am, 5-6pm or by appt.

TELEPHONE: (651) 450 – 3717, ext 3717



The course provides an introduction to basic counseling and interviewing with a focus an individual skill development. There will be an emphasis on the application of skills and knowledge to particular human services situations and settings.


Students will:

1)   Describe the concept of intentional interviewing and counseling.

2)   Identify and practice basic attending skills.

3)   Identify and practice the skills of encouraging, paraphrasing, and summarizing.

4)   Identify and practice the skills of reflecting feeling and content.


Ivey, A.E, Ivey, M. B. Intentional Interviewing & Counseling, (Latest Ed), Brooks / Cole.

Yalem, Irving (2009) The Gift of Therapy


Students are expected to attend class meetings on time, read all materials assigned for the class and participate in class discussion. The day – to – day operation of how we treat each other will be determined by the intentional creation of a learning community (more later).


If any student needs assistance due to a disability, please contact the disabled student services at (651) 450 – 8628 voice, or (651) 450 – 8369 TTY.


1.   You must sit in a different table with different people each class period.

2.   I ask that you give me your personal best each class period.

3.   All assignments must be picked up by MAY 7th or you lose 10pts off your final point total.

NOTE – Any student caught texting will lose 10pts off their participation score.


1.     JOURNAL60 Points

Students are responsible for keeping a journal throughout the semester. Assignments will be given in class, which are required to be included in the journal, along with your feelings surrounding your practice of specific skills, and of those around you. I will be collecting journals on the last class period of each month (1/31; 2/28; DUE DURING FINAL TAPING)


 (More details on journals later).

2.     QUIZZES – 60 Points

There will be three 20-point quizzes in the semester. My quizzes are tough, so looking over your notes once or twice will insure a failing grade. Quiz dates are:2/14, 3/29, Final’s Schedule


You must find an individual outside of class to have a counseling session with. ***NOTE*** YOUR CLIENT MUST NOT BE A CLASS MEMBER, SPOUSE, FAMILY MEMBER, OR GOOD FRIEND. You will use the skills learned in class to perform this assignment. The session must be recorded, and transcribed. You will type a summary at the end of the transcription, detailing what skills you used, and evaluating your interview. You will turn in the transcription along with the tape in order to get graded.  Keep the session to 10 minutes; however, you must demonstrate appropriate skills in that amount of time. The interview is due 4/24/12

4.     PARTICIPATION50 Points

“Half of success is just showing up.” Your presence is important to our learning community. Each of your voices and experiences enriches the context of our learning. This is a highly experiential class and you are required to be here. You will be allowed TWO absences for whatever reason (i.e. illness, personal health day). Think of this as your “Get out of jail free card.” A sign-in sheet will be passed around for each class. Be sure you sign in! Each day missed after two absences will result in losing 10 points per day off your participation score. ***NOTE*** DO BE ESPECIALLY CONSIDERATE AND TRY NOT TO MISS LAB DAYS.

 I will start the class on time and end it on time. I find it disrespectful to your classmates and personally irritating when people come late or leave early. Each time you’re late or leave early regardless of the excuse and you will lose 5 pts off your participation score.  Be punctual, especially on lab days.

5.   VIDEO CRITIQUE  - 50 Points

Within the first 10 days of class, you will sign up with a randomly drawn classmate for a 10-minute “counseling session” that will be videotaped (You will need to provide a VHS tape for your appt.) I will provide you with the scenario. Then, at the end of the semester, you will sign up with another randomly chosen classmate in which you will complete a 10 minute counseling session that will be videotaped (Again, bring your original VHS tape for this session). You will be given a randomly provided topic. You will then critique your counseling session comparing your initial semester session with the end of semester session. You will type up this critique and submit it within 48 hours of your session.

6.   THE GIFT OF THERAPY (Yalom)  - 20pts

You are expected to read the entire book. We will discuss the book twice in the semester (See course schedule for exact times). Read the first half of the book by the first discussion period and read the rest of the book by the second discussion period. NOTE – With each class discussion, you will need to submit three comments/questions or a combination of the two with your name on it to the instructor. This will help facilitate our discussion. Failure to do this will result in you losing 10 pts each time.


Journal                          60 Points

Quizzes                         60 Points

Video Critique              50 Points

Transcribed Session   60 Points

                              Participation                 50 Points

                               TOTAL POINTS = 280


280 - 252 (100% - 90%)(A)

251- 224 (89% - 80%)(B)

223 - 196(79% - 70%)(C)

195 - 168(69% - 60%) (D)

167 & Below (59%)(F)

***NOTE*** “When we want to understand something, we cannot just stand outside and observe it. We have to enter deeply into it and be one with it in order to really understand.”

-from the book Mentoring: The Tao of Giving & Receiving Wisdom by Huang, A.C.

***NOTE*** Our mantra in all counseling is to get people to experience things rather than just explain things.



DATE                                     TOPIC                                    READING

 1/10         Course Syllabus/Intro; Pictures/Ice Breakers

 1/12                            Learning Community/Ice Breakers

 1/17                           Video Taped Interviews

 1/19                            Video Taped Interviews                            Ch.1

 1/24                     The Counselor As A Person     

 1/26                            Attending Behavior                            Ch.2                          

 1/31                            Attending Behavior (Lab Set Up) ***JR#1 DUE

  2/2                                 Questions Lab                             Ch. 3

    2/7              ***NO CLASS*** STUDENT SUCCESS DAY                                                           

2/9                                       Question Lab

 2/14                SSD/Observational Skills (Perceptions)  QUIZ#1                                                                                            


 2/16                                          Discuss THE GIFT OF THERAPY(1st                                         half of book – Through chapter 43) ***Submit questions/comments

    2/21       “Uncommon Dialogue”/Marvella/ Encouraging &

                                                    Paraphrasing Ch. 5

2/23                                 Encouraging & Paraphrasing

2/28                                   Chapter 5 Lab JR#2 DUE

 3/1                                      Catch up day

 3/5– 3/10          NO CLASS – SPRING BREAK!! HAVE FUN!!!

3/13                        Observing & Reflecting Feeling 


3/15                         Observing & Reflecting Feeling

 3/20                                 Chapter 6 Lab (Scaling Question Lab)

 3/22                             Integrating Listening Skills Read Chapter 7

 3/27                                      Chapter 7 Lab

 3/29                                     Counselor values/orientation QUIZ#2

4/ 3                                       Goal Setting

 4/5                                         Lab/Finish Corey Video

  4/10                     Discuss “The Gift of Therapy” Bring

                                                 Comments & questions

  4/12             Focusing/Reflecting/Influencing Misc

4/17                          Exception to the problem

4/19                          Building On Client Strengths

4/24                         Catch up **TRANSCRIBED INTERVIEW DUE

4/26                                       Video Taping **JR#3 DUE

 5/1                                      Video Taping  **JR#3 DUE

 5/3                                           Video Taping **JR#3 DUE


                                        IMPORTANT DATES TO NOTE


1.   Journals are due on the following dates: 1/31,2/28,  FINAL TAPING

2.   Transcribed Interview – Due 4/24

3.   Video Critique – (Due within 48 HOURS after taping)

4.   Quiz Schedule – 2/14, 3/29, FINAL WEEK



Your journals will be graded on the following criteria:


-Typed & double spaced

- Level of critical thinking exhibited

- Spelling & Grammar

- All journaling questions addressed

- Clarity in expressing your thoughts/feelings

- Connected by a staple/paperclip/folder


Plagiarism and Cheating:  It is unacceptable to submit the work of another person as your own.  If you quote, summarize, paraphrase, or use the ideas of another, you must accurately attribute that information.  If you do not acknowledge the source, you are plagiarizing. 


In this course, plagiarism/cheating will result in failure of the course, failure of the assignment, redoing the assignment, etc.).  In addition, plagiarism and cheating are covered by the Student Code of Conduct.  In this course, plagiarism will also result in the initiation of the Student Code of Conduct Disciplinary Process. Please see the Catalog or IHCC website for details.


Documentation Style and Paper Format: In this course, students are expected to use APA format and documentation style. Papers are to be typed, double space, and stapled.


ADA Statement: Reasonable accommodations that make sure that all materials, discussions, and activities that are part of this course are accessible will be provided students with physical, sensory, cognitive, systemic, and psychiatric disabilities.  To discuss accommodations for this course, please visit the Disability Services Office (L224) or contact by phone (651-450-3628 or TTY 651-450-3369) and contact the instructor. 


Religious Accommodation Statement: Inver Hills Community College strongly supports the principles of free expression and respect for the diversity of beliefs, including religious observances, among our academic community.  It is the policy of the college to provide reasonable accommodations for students when religious observances conflict with classroom activities or course requirements.  It is the responsibility of students to inform instructors in a timely fashion prior to such conflicts.  If a mutually agreed accommodation is not possible, students may initiate an appeal.  The procedure for this appeal is the same as the Grade Appeal Policy listed in the catalogue, however; the appeal must be initiated by the student within two weeks of the conflict.



Student’s Right to Know: Policies on Harassment and Discrimination, Crime Awareness and Campus Security Report, Drug- and Alcohol-Free Campus, Student Conduct, and Academic Honesty are available on the IHCC website.  Inver Hills has established policies and procedures to handle violations in a timely manner.


Incomplete Grade and Withdrawal Information: Students must initiate requests for either an incomplete grade or withdrawal from a course by filing the appropriate form with Enrollment Services. Students who stop attending classes without completing the withdrawal process may receive a grade of “F,” and are responsible for all tuition/fees associated with the course registration.  Withdrawal forms must be submitted as stated in the course schedule.  Please see the current Class Schedule or Catalog for details.


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