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Anand B. Vyas, Ph. D.

Engineering Instructor  

Contact Information

301 Library Building

Phone: 651 450 3668 (This is a voicemail number only. Email will get you a faster response)

Email: avyas at inverhills dot edu

The updated details of the A.S Engineering Fundamentals degree can be found here. Please feel free to email me if you have questions/concerns for the same.

Career planning and academic success resources (scholarships, internship opportunities, professional society information etc) are shared only with IHCC students via email, or disseminated via D2L page for the course, Orientation to Engineering, ENGR 1000 (2 credits, offered every Fall and Spring semesters). Current/Prospective students and parents are cordially invited to email at the above address for details. For a glimpse of  student projects in ENGR 1000 and other engineering related news briefs, please visit the engineering department's Facebook site or the YouTube site.

Middle/High School Students may find the following site helpful towards exploring careers in engineering.

Following are some other cool sites for exploration (random list):

Engineer Girl, Ask an Engineer (YouTube), MAKE magazine, MASA Rocketry, Create and Manage your own space program, Beginner's Guide to Aerospace, NSF Profiles of Engineers and Scientists

Engineering Scholarship Database

If you are curious about what I did for my doctoral research, click here.