Mathematica  Demonstration Projects

for Precalculus and Calculus

The following table provides links to Mathematica Demonstration Projects on various topics.  These projects are meant to help you better visualize concepts in Precalculus and Calculus.

You will need to download the Mathematica Player in order to use these visualizations in their full capacity. Click here to download Mathematica Player. It takes a little while to download the player.  After you have the player installed, choose a visualization from the list below. Then click on the orange box that says "Download Live Version". Try out the sliders and the various options for a hands on experience with many of the concepts we've discussed in class.



Calculus I

Calculus II

Function Transformations I



The Formal Definition of the Limit

The Formal Definition of the Limit Activity


Revolutions of Solids

Revolutions of Solids Activity

Solids of Known Cross-Sections

Function Transformations II

Function Transformations Activity

Infinite Limits I


Estimating Arc Length

Arc Length Activity

Polynomial End Behavior

Polynomial End Behavior Activity

Infinite Limits II


Trigonometric Integrals

Trigonometric Integrals Activity

Polynomial Roots


Secant and Tangent Lines

Secant and Tangent Line Activity

Partial Fractions


Graph Polynomials


Graphing Derivatives

Graphing Derivatives Activity



Rational Functions


Related Rates I



Series Activity

Logarithmic Rules


Related Rates II


Taylor Polynomials I

Taylor Polynomials I Activity

Newton's Law of Cooling

Newton's Law of Cooling Activity

Related Rates III


Taylor Polynomials II

Taylor Polynomials II Activity

Angle Measure


Related Rates IV

Related Rates Activity

Parametric Graphs

Parametric Graphs Activity

Graphing Sine

Graphing Sine Activity

Optimization I

Optimization Activity

Polar Coordinates

Polar Coordinates Activity

Graphing Cosine


Optimization II


Polar Graphs

Polar Graphs Activity

Inverse Trigonometric


Newton's Method

Newton's Method Activity

Sine Double Angle Identity


Riemann Sums

Riemann Sums Activity

Law of Sines    
Law of Cosines    
Conic Sections