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Introduction to Sociology

Sociology 1100

A survey of sociology emphasizing methods, basic concepts, terminology, and perspectives used by sociologists in analysis of social relationships. Sociological analysis will focus on American government, family, education, religion, and the economy.

Sociology of Deviance

Sociology 1126

An examination of sociological theories explaining deviance, its pertinence to the construction of social order as well as identity, and the application of these theories to the problems of crime, drug use, mental illness, and creativity.

Religions and Society

Sociology 2140

A practical observational approach to studying specific religious groups.  This course uses field work (participant observation) to help students understand religions such as Islam Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Confucianism, Unification Church, Jehovah Witness and others.

Mind, Self and Society

Sociology 2142

Focuses on the individual in relationship to the social structure. Offers a sociological perspective on social psychology. Topics include the development of the "social self," the social impact of individual attitudes and behaviors, social interactions, interpersonal relations, small groups. Major theories and methods used in the field are addressed throughout.



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