Systems Analysis & Design

(CS 2000 - Fall 2005)

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Syllabus (Revised 10/16/05)


Week 2: Introduction to the Unified Process

Week 3: Introduction to Requirements:

Weeks 4:and 5: Use Cases and UI Fundamentals

Week 6: Activity Diagrams and  Decision Tables

Week 7: Object-Oriented Concepts

Week 8 - Domain Modeling (Introduction); Class Exercise

Week 9 - Domain Modeling - Associations and Attributes ( is broken. Support contacted. Until fixed, email me if you need a copy of the file)

Week 10 - Introduction to Design Notation - Part 1

Week 11 - Introduction to Design Notation - Part 2

Week 12: GRASP Patterns

Week 13: Introduction to Structured Techniques:


Week 14: Introduction to Structured Analysis & Design


Project Documents:

    Vision Document

    Use Case Survey

    Supplemental Specification


    UC01: Play Music


    Data Definition

    Inception Phase Acceptance and Success Criteria

    E1 Acceptance and Success Criteria

    E2 Acceptance Criteria

    E3 Acceptance Criteria


Other Documents:

    Analysis Modeling Guidelines

    Final Exam (take home)