Anatomy & Physiology I

Students will study the anatomy and physiology of the human body with special emphasis on the relationship between structure and function and homeostatic mechanisms of the body.  Systems and topics covered: Histology, integumentary system, skeletal system, articulations, muscular system, nervous system, special senses, and endocrine systems.

This is the first of a 2-semester sequence. All students must be simultaneously enrolled in one lecture section and one laboratory section for this course.  Performance in lecture and in lab will be pooled, and a single grade will be assigned.

Textbook: Seeley, Stephens & Tate. Anatomy and Physiology. McGraw-Hill. (any edition)
Course Pack/Class Notes (Ford) – purchased in bookstore.
Laboratory Manual:
  Lyseng et al.  Lab Manual: Biology 2201.

The current syllabus is available on D2L.

The coursepack is available in the bookstore. This contains both class notes and study guides.

Course materials are available on D2L. The D2L login site is:
Your login ID is your StarID number (with the zeros).  If that does not work, go to the computer center (on the ground floor of the library building.) You will need to have your student ID number and a picture ID.

All grades will be posted on D2L. Some extra credit and study assignments will be there. Class announcements will be there.


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