Anatomy & Physiology II

Anatomy & Physiology is directed toward nursing, allied health, and biology majors, but is open to all students as a general education course. This is the second semester of the 2-semester sequence. We will study the anatomy and physiology of the human body with special emphasis on the relationship between structure and function and homeostatic mechanisms of the body.

Systems and topics covered: endocrine system (review), respiratory system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic and immune systems, digestive system, urinary system, metabolism, acid-base and electrolyte balance, reproductive systems, and development.

The current course syllabus is available on my main page. Please note that there is a different syllabus for the online and on-campus sections. (All sections come on campus for lab.)

Many study materials are available on D2L. The D2L login site is:
Your login ID is your tech ID number (with the zeros). Your first password is usually your birth date in YYMMDD format. If that does not work, try the last 6 digits of your social security number.  If that does not work, go to the computer center (on the ground floor of the library building.) You will need to have your student ID number and a picture ID.

All grades will be posted on D2L. Some extra credit and study assignments will be there. Class announcements will be there.

Class Notes are available in the bookstore. Enrolled students can download electronic copies from the D2L site.


VIDEO – How to work with Excel data (for the Spirometry lab):  Respiratory calculations  

VIDEO - How to make charts in Excel (Spirometry lab):  Respiratory chart

VIDEO - How to do the heart paper calculations: Heart lab calculations

SHORT VIDEO - How to do the heart paper chart: Heart chart


These are Word 2003 documents:

Template for lab papers: Template

Adding error bars in Excel 2007: Link to Update






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