Biol 1107 - Biology of Women

Description: Biology of Women is a course for both women and men. It provides a “theme based” course for learning biological concepts.  Objectives include studying reproductive anatomy and physiology of both sexes, studying pregnancy and fetal development, and examining issues related to reproductive biology and women’s physical health.  Issues include contraception, cancer, menopause, and treatment of women by the medical profession. A "current issues" section will examine issues that are in the news today.

Textbook:  J. Goodenough, B. McGuire & R. Wallace, 2007. Biology of Humans, 5th ed. Pearson Prentice Hall   [Any edition is fine.]
There will also be readings from articles and online sources.


Syllabus: This is available on D2L.  Log in at

Each assignment will be given a point value. Exams may consist of term definitions, multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, short answers, and essay questions. Spelling matters. Lectures, discussions, classroom exercises and reading assignments will be covered. Topics covered are listed on the class schedule.
Class projects will be done on a team basis for on-site classes, and individually or as a team for online classes. All team members will receive the same grade.
There may be non-graded written assignments required, which will count toward class participation. 

Course content: Available to registered students on IHCC's Desire2Learn site: 

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