Biol 1114 Critical Issues in Human Biology

Biol 1114 is intended for people interested in the critical and ethical issues related to how the human body functions. Topics such as ethical decision-making, genetic engineering, living wills, and issues related to prevention of cancer will be examined. The course will build the biological framework for understanding these dilemmas by exploring the scientific method and human body systems. Students have the option of taking Biol 1110 (Human Biology Lab, a 1-credit laboratory section) concurrently or following completion of Biol 1114. Completion of Biol 1110 and Biol 1114 fulfills the Natural Sciences requirement for the Minnesota transfer curriculum.

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Textbook:  J. Goodenough, B. McGuire & R. Wallace. Biology of Humans, Pearson Prentice Hall [Any edition is fine.]

Syllabus: On D2L.

Each assignment will be given a point value. Exams may consist of term definitions, multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, short answers, and essay questions. Spelling matters. Lectures, journals, discussions, classroom exercises and reading assignments will be covered. Topics covered are listed on the class schedule.
Class projects will be done on a team basis for on-site classes, and individually or as a team for online classes. All team members will receive the same grade.
There may be non-graded written assignments required, which will count toward class participation.

Course content: A wide array of course content is available to registered students on IHCC's Desire2Learn site:

D2L is having some problems accessing content, so here are the key materials for Week 13.


Week 13 module:  Obesity and Eating Disorders  1114-99 13 Obesity and eating disorders.pdf


SQ6: (read the module on obesity and eating disorders first) – Is dieting for weight control a form of eating disorder? Think about this in light of our current obesity epidemic, and the evidence that dieting for weight loss rarely works for the long term.  (Due 11/27/14)


Discussion 6 - Omnivore's Dilemma

This is a discussion of the first section (Chapters 1 -7) of Michael Pollan's book The Omnivore's Dilemma.

You can start the discussion anywhere, but here are a few questions to get you going -

1) Pollan suggests that our current planting of corn has created an imbalance in the environment. Do you agree, or not, and why?

2) Steer #534 (which he follows through the feedlot) is treated the way it is because of "efficiency". Is this a valid way to produce beef? If not, what would be the results of different methods?

3) Is Pollan right in calling most modern people "industrial eaters"?



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